Wednesday, June 22, 2011

A Wonderful Wedding Weekend!

Last weekend Ry and I flew home! Ry was the best man in the beautiful wedding of now Mr and Mrs John Sahleen. The wedding was absolutely beautiful, and the weekend was amazing! Way too short, and SUPER busy, but amazing. :) The pics I managed are sub-par at best.. but at least I remembered to take some right?

I snapped this beauty on the way to the airport to show you what I mean by flat. Ha! this is what its like people.

Lauren was kind enough to pick us up from the airport.. and waited for an hour because our flight was delayed! she is a life saver to say the least. We proceeded to drive directly to CAFE RIO of course, where both of our families met us for dinner! it was so so good to see everyone.. I could not stop smiling! but of course I forgot to take pics.

My bestie Katie and her hub Tyler suprised us at Ry's house! It was SO fun to see them.
We spent the night playing with the familias, catching up, and eating snow cones! It was wonderful.
Katie and Ty and us!!

Paigey and Jord, Momma and us!

We whipped out the self timer and got this gem. :)

Friday is a blur but here are some highlights:
My momma took me to get a pedicure! Then we went grocery shopping. Is it weird that I miss grocery shopping with her? I thoroughly enjoy our trips to Harmons, and not just cause she always still lets me pick out a treat. :)

Nick let Ry borrow his new Vespa all day! It was SO fun to ride around!

After the wedding rehearsal we headed up the canyon for the wedding dinner! It was outside of a lodge and absolutely gorgeous. It was SO good to spend the night with Mom and Lane and celebrate John and Wendi's love!
The bride and groom!

After the dinner we got to spend more time with the fam and Katie and Tyler! Huge thanks to Katie and Paige for helping me frost a billion cupcakes. :)

Saturday morning was our baby shower for Jessi!! It was SOO fun! She is the most beautiful pregnant woman I have ever seen and we are so excited for her and Bryce. The shower turned out just wonderful. Thank you to everyone who helped! I totally forgot to take pics, but thank goodness for my amazing husband who snapped a bunch for me while we were setting up! I didnt even ask him to. :)

After the shower was the long awaited wedding! Ry made a dashing best man if i do say so myself. :) 
It was so good to get to see Shawn at the wedding!
This picture makes me smile. :) Thank you Leslie for ALL you did and do for us!! We miss you already.

Congrats John and Wendi Sahleen!! The ceremony was beautiful and the celebration was a blast! You bring eachother such joy and we are so happy to share in that with you.

Love me

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

26 beautiful years

Mr. Terry Tueller Bickmore wed his gorgeous bride Mrs. Kimberly Anne Kresge Bickmore twenty six years ago today! We love you so much mom and dad and are SO thankful for you in our lives and above all for your amazing example of true love.
Happy twenty six years!

And I blog!

Well we miss our family and freinds but are loving our little adventure here in Illinois (the 's' is silent). haha I have always known that but it still has not stopped me from looking like a complete idiot and saying it wrong.
 It is flat as a pancake out here! Like the middle of the ocean but on land. Crazy.
The people here are so freindly and we are blessed with missionary opportunities everywhere we go! The ward here is amazing too. The first Sunday we both felt the Spirit so strong as we listened to the testimonies. It just amazes me, no matter where we are we can always find a ward and its like being home. The church is true.
To our suprise we recieved callings for the summer- nursery leaders! Which according to my mom is the greatest calling on earth. Right after extending the call the bishop promptly stated "Our only hope is that you still desire to have your own children after this experience." haha love it! The kids are darling though and they especially love Ryan.
I have not been very good at documenting anything.. but here are the few photos I have managed!
Saturdays are now the best because it means work finishes early and I get my man all to myself! After one of our amazing dates I realized we needed to start taking pics so this is our attempt with the self timer. Its slightyly blurry but its all we got.

I saw this cake on my friend Cassidy's blog and just had to try it! This is my first attempt so not that great but I was excited! Shout out to Makally for taking this photo since I could not get a decent one for my life. :)

Finally home to snuggle after a loooooong thirteen hour work day. He is the cutest. 

Aggrivation! On our seven month anniversary Ry suprised me with our own Wells family aggrivation board! To those of you who know what this is, ours is double sided. Thats right, six man and four man! He passed an Amish community on his way home where they sell things they make and saw one, so he stopped to get it for me, wrapped it up complete with a love note, and had a friend stick it on our deck so I wouldnt suspect. :) I love him.
Oh! and the lady he bought it from said she it was the first she had ever sold, and that she didnt even know how to play! crazy. But it was the sweetest suprise and we have had a blast playing it and teaching our friends here!

Meet little miss Hailey Noorda. She is the SWEETEST little bean and we love her! Her wonderful parents are our good freinds, and one of our highlights is getting to babysit her. Being around her is getting me SOOO excited for little baby Bailey! Yay!

And there you have it! I blogged. :)

Friday, May 6, 2011

Luna Miel!

Hello! well this is my first lesson in blogging, thanks to my good friend Crystal. Expert Blogger. We just learned how to post a picture! Yay! These ones happen to be from our AMAZING HONEYMOON!! :) more to come.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Yay! Ok people. I am officially starting our blog which I have been meaning to start for quite some time! I just love so much reading the blogs of our friends and family, and have decided that if I finally start blogging myself it wont be one sided so I wont have to feel like a sneaky creeper! PLUS we have some big changes coming up (but NO we are NOT pregnant, I'll leave that to my sis for now) and in order to keep family and friends connected, I shall become a faithful blogger... orrrrr at least make an attempt. :) I have no pictures or stories right now though.. so this really doesnt count as our first post right?.. but I think this official declaration will motivate me to actual action.

Wish me luck! :)